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Microsoft Office

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Telling the stories of small businesses across the country. 

Microsoft Office wanted to reach entrepreneurially-minded young people and inspire them to use Office products as they create lives for themselves.

To do so, we developed a series of social and blog content, referred to as Office Stories, which tells the stories of small business owners across the country, via short video clips, images, and quotes shared across social, with corresponding long-form blog posts. 

From ice cream makers to kickboxing champions to those selling the ugliest fruit they can find, we found some of the most interesting people and businesses, asking them not only how they use Office 365 in their day-to-day, but about the ins and outs of what they do. 

My Role: Sourcing companies and individuals, leading outreach and pre-interviews with subjects, determining product tie-in, developing content creation and distribution plans, developing interview questions for video voiceover and quote grabs, conducting interviews with subjects.