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Making non-boring B2B content that really works. 

I was tasked by our Microsoft Enterprise client to create an engaging eBook for mid-size business operations decision makers about digitally transformed companies. 

I started off by creating a "wish list" of companies I wanted to talk with for the eBook, defined both by being known at some capacity on a larger scale (to help build authority) as well as having some interesting operational perspective. 

After a series of emails and phone calls, I had a solid "cast list" from Hot Chicken Takeover in Ohio, Gimlet Media in Brooklyn, Buffer (remote), and Substantial in Seattle. Developing a personalized interview script for each company's operations leader and conducted the phone interviews, I shaped the stories we'd tell for the final eBook. 

The result of asking truly interesting people at truly interesting companies about how they're using technology operationally? An interesting eBook! The content quickly set a standard with the client as something they continue to point to and say "we want THAT again", and the creative team continues to vocalize their joy working on the project, for being authentically interesting stories to tell. 

EBook here: