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Fluent Design

The art of the dinner party. 

Microsoft's new design system, Fluent Design, is still a stranger to many working at the intersection of art and technology. Tasked to spread awareness of the system with a tiny budget and a tight schedule, we decided to sponsor a short series of dinner parties to bring interesting people together for lively conversations. 

In early 2018, across Seattle, Austin, and Los Angeles, highly targeted groups of business influencers, scientists, artists, designers, and otherwise fascinating people will come together for discussions around Mixed Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Digital Transformation. In addition to creating content based on ideas and information captured during these dinners, our hope is that guests will walk away feeling inspired by one another and ready to create (hopefully, with Fluent Design!). 

My Role: I've overseen programming and "casting" of each dinner event, deciding upon locations, discussion guides, moderators, and target guests, hand-selected based on criteria I established. I also led creative brainstorms with those interested in art and technology to glean insights around high-level, relevant themes for roundtable discussions. 

-Events currently being held, images to come-